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The novels are for German readers (advanced readers) in Germany and of course in other countries. BoD can print them in other countries, too, as there are printers of Books on Demand. The English informations on this page are also written for bookstores, so you know what you are ordering. You can find the translated plots of the volumes in English below! The books are all written in German.

Welcome to a Nordic world full of fantasy!

The first cycle takes place in the utopian North of Rodiwana. This is what the harbour town Unlivast could look like from above. 

The novel series

Saga of Rodiwana

In the novel series "Rodiwana", a chronicler (a young woman called "Lissje") increasingly delves into the past of her planet and into the life stories of her ancestors. Both the family on the home planet and the chronicler in the space station fight for survival with different means and methods. They have to complete their respective missions in order to save important, even magical cultural assets. 

  • Magical elements meet time travel, utopia meets dystopia! 
  • Fantasy/Science-Fiction: magic elements and timetravel
  •  All volumes are illustrated by the author. You will find some examples below.
  • Paperbacks AND Hardcover (2 paperbacks in one hardcover)
  • Readers: for adults and young people aged 14 and over 
  • The novels are listed in the usual book trade registers
  • The Nordland series will comprise 8 paperback volumes (= 4 hardcover editions), 
  • followed by 2 more cycles in other regions of Rodiwana. 

Magic, mermaids, timetravel, nordic culture, jungle, pirates, space station, utopian world, dystopia

The paperback-books

You can find the descriptions also below!


Fantasy and Science-Fiction

The saga takes place on a utopian planet in the land of "Rodiwana", in the past and in a space station in the future. Lissje writes the chronicle of her ancestors and is getting in contact with them. 

Magical elements meet time travel, utopia meets dystopia!


City of Unlivast = a gloomy, pre-industrial port city in the north, near forests and north of the gigantic, unexplored jungle

As the framework plot suggests, not only utopian and fantastic elements are invented here, but also science fiction elements. In the nature of the Nordland, in the sea and in the jungle, there are well-known plants and animals, as well as exotic plants and fantastic creatures that can only be found in Rodiwana. The gill people and the trohpa are fictional people.

The temporal embedding in the first volumes is reminiscent of a medieval world in which there is still no electricity and horses, carriages and sleighs can be found on gravel roads.
Whaling also plays a role. At a time when Unlivast is still lagging behind the scientific progress of the metropolis of Sîlard, fears and superstitions among the northerners play a particularly role. ... In the mussel diver quarter "the fruits of the imagination thrive particularly well":

"The harbor district was full of ghost figures, the fruits of the imagination thrived particularly well here. They grew in the market, in shady alleys, in pubs, in front of small ovens and in soup kitchens. This was not only predicted by Runold Fischmaul, but also by Lambert Bentzander's ghost while it is killing the demons in the well at night. 


The famliy Fjordt

The saga extends over several generations and takes place in different regions of Rodiwana. The first cycle takes place in the Nordland. "The incredible imagionation of the northern people" offers a detailed introduction to the world of the Northerners Unlivasts and a prehistory. The following volumes describe the life of the members and descendants of the Fjordt family from Unlivast: the life of Erik Fjordt (vols. 2-3), the adventures of the Fjordt family (vols 3-6). Two more cycles of the Rodiwana saga in other regions are expected to follow.  


Volume 1

Die unzähmbare Fantasie der Nordmenschen

"The incredible imagination of the northern people", Volume 1 of the RODIWANA saga, entry into the world of the northern people and the beginning of the family history of the Fjordts

In Unlivast, the land of fishermen, whalers and gill people, everyone fears the Trohpa, the unknown native inhabitants of the jungle, as "jungle demons". Lambert Bentzander is worrying about the influence of the famous writer Isobald Eismann on the citoyens. Doesn't anyone see that this old jungle-fear only leads to the isolation of the Northland? Lambert begins a campaign against the fear of demons ... 

Apparently only the fascinating gill woman Dora Fjordt isn't afraid of anything. And she knows how to survive in the mussel diving district ...

A poetic, imaginative novel in a Nordic world full of myths and enemy images, illustrated by the author. 

Paperback, illustrated by the author Bente Amlandt 

224 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783755777243

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 22.12.2021

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein
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Volume 2

Die Wunder des Erik Fjordt


"Eriks miracles", volume 2 of Rodiwana
Bjarne Fjordt lets Tamme Lundtberg, his friend and best harpooner, give political speeches on board the "Maribella", because he too can no longer bear the conditions in the harbor district. Something has to change...! Meanwhile Bjarnes and Jolanthe's son, the fourteen-year-old Erik Fjordt, is still dreaming of the shadow theater of his beloved "Onna" Dora Fjordt, who brought Barrameo's treasures back into the sea to disappear forever. ... 
Erik kills a Jagjaru and a pirate, he fights his way through the jungle ... at least in his imagination. But sooner or later everyone in town forgets to believe in miracles, explains the mysterious fur trader Katter ...

Continuation of "The incredible imagination of the northern people", also to be read separately. It tells the life story of the legendary Erik Fjordt from Unlivast. Volume 2 of the RODIWANA saga, set in the mystical northern land of utopian Rodiwana, illustrated by the author. 

Paperback, illustrated by the author Bente Amlandt 

254 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783755770664

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 22.12.2021

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein 
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Volume 3

Eine Galionsfigur im Schnee

Volume 3 of the RODIWANA saga: Did it really make sense to kill the saber whale? Suddenly the spirits separate. Erik's winning streak takes a hit and Lona worries about "Ice Child" John. There seems to be a curse on the Fjordt family... The 3rd volume of the RODIWANA saga leads to frightening assumptions and will throw Solveig Fjordt off track in 999 in several respects. / Sequel to "The Wonders of Erik Fjordt", novel with fantasy and science fiction elements, for adults (m, f, d), teenagers, boys and girls, illustrated by the author.

Paperback, illustrated by the author Bente Amlandt 
BoD - published on 02/01/2022
ISBN: 978-3-7557-9883-5
illustrated paperback 236 pages, 14.99 Euros
E-book 9.99 Euros
Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein 

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The Nordland series will have 8 paperback volumes (= 4 hardcover editions), followed by 2 more cycles in other regions of Rodivana. The novel series has been written for many years. That is why the Nordland volumes now appear quite quickly one after the other.

This is followed by the presentation of the already published paperback volumes and the hardcover editions with the links to the bookshop.

Volumes 4-6

Volume 4

Im Reich des Eisriesen Unlivasts

Im Winter 999 

Rodiwana, 4 Should Finn accept Berthold's order or refuse? Boat builder Finn Bo Fjordt has to make a difficult decision that will also have consequences for his family. If he moves to the borders of the Northlands alone as Ice Forest Warden, not only will his gigantic ship project be put on hold, but his family will be without wood and without a protector. Solveig Fjordt senses that a bad winter is ahead of them all. Only their children Emma and Ben are looking forward to the last moon festival of the year 999. They think it's all a game...Volume 4 of the Rodiwana saga and continuation of "A Figurehead in the Snow", adventure novel with fantasy and science fiction elements, for adults (m, f, d), youth, boys and girls, illustrated by the author.  


Paperback, illustrated by the author Bente Amlandt 

228 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756201914

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 19.04.2022

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein 
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Volume 5

Oros anamgos im Eiswald

RODIWANA, Volume 5: Will the Fjordt family make it out of the Ice Forest? Finn, Solveig and their children Emma and Ben can't take it anymore. The Trohpa don't seem to be in a hurry and their guards are still staying in the hut. The chronicler Lissje, who is far away from Rodiwana in the future on a space station, becomes restless because she suspects that she is not only traveling to the north country in her thoughts, but is also appearing there physically...

Volume 5 of the RODIWANA paperback series, continuation of "Im Reich des Eisriesen Unlivasts", family saga in the utopian Rodiwana, adventure novel with fantasy and SF elements for young people and adults, illustrated by the author.


262 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756218646

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 27.05.2022

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein

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Volume 6

Solveig im fünften Land Unlivasts

RODIWANA, Volume 6: On the space station, Lissje no longer recognizes her friend Elwira. What happened to her? If the SK (spies) find out who Lissje really is, her Calido dream must die. She prefers to flee as often as possible into the past to her ancestors to write her chronicle and intervene to help. But where is Sadmaari and why does the city lord Berthold the Unlivastern hide his historical cellar treasure? 
Things are not going well at Fjordt: Finn reacts with concern to Solveig's strange behavior. Her new desire to travel awakens uneasy feelings.

Volume 6 of the Rodiwana series, continuation of "Oros anamgos in the Ice Forest", family saga in utopian Rodiwana, novel with fantasy and SF elements, illustrated by the author with 28 B-W drawings and a short glossary for this volume.


228 Seiten

ISBN-13: 9783756294060

Verlag: Books on Demand

Erscheinungsdatum: 09.08.2022

Sprache: Deutsch

Farbe: Nein
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Reading examples

German reading excerpts  1-3


Hardcover: 2 in 1 

The hardcover editions ("Rodiwana Saga") contain 2 paperback volumes each and the illustrations of the paperbacks. Volumes 1 and 2 also contain additional illustrations. 

New equipment for the committed editions from August 2022: 

  • rounded back, 
  • creamy white paper, 
  • identical shade as background color for all volumes, 
  • only black and white images


Rodiwana I & II

Hardcover. rounded back

02. March 2022

ISBN 9783754359686 

432 pages, illustrated
29,99 Euro

Rodiwana III & IV


Hardcover, rounded back

ISBN-13: 9783755770589

13. April 2022

432 pages, illustrated
29,99 Euro

Rodiwana V & VI


11 August 2022

Hardcover, rounded back

Buch-ISBN: 9783756211104
11 August 2022
456 pages, illustrated
29,99 EUR 



The volumes of the RODIWANA saga contains illustrations. At the end of this page you will find excerpts from four illustrations. These are imaginative drawings, fineliner drawings and pencil drawings, including sketches, some of which I made while a chapter was being created.

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 Instagram: @bente_amlandt_autorin

The account exists since January 2021. Should I not see your message, you can reach me by


German Author: Mrs Bente Amlandt, 1972

Among other subjects, I studied German, French, Spanish and Art, worked in various professions (theatre, teacher)  and have traveled a lot. Now I am glad to live near the Baltic Sea in North of Germany, Schleswig-Holstein, again and I enjoy having time to write. I like to go for a walk on the beach and through medieval cities such as Lübeck or Wismar.  

As a child, I played a lot outside and made up stories. I have always been enthusiastic about other languages, countries and cultures. As my mum worked in an exchange student agency, we have always had exchange students at our house from all over the world.

"The incredible imagination of the Northern people" is my first published novel.  The whole Rodiwana-story just "flowed out of me" from one day to the other (but over years!). I wrote  the books of the Northland-cycle after the main story and the end, so what is now the beginning and the first cycle was written at last (writing from "back to front"). 

After studying and working in Northern Germany and South America, I am currently writing and drawing. As I am not good in designing colourful covers, I buy the licences of other artists. I think it is good to support artists and not to do everything on my own. Being an author is quite a lonely job anyway! I am happily married. And I prefer quite places in nature than big cities or crowded places.

In terms of the war and the troubled world we are living in - which is getting worse, so I sometimes don't want to watch the news anymore, I am very thankful for every day we can live here. 

Thank you for your interest and thank you for maybe reading my novels if you can understand and read German,

Bente Amlandt


Thank you!

Have a nice day!